Coworking Opportunities Means Never Working Alone

It’s not often you hear “coworking opportunities.” There are so many opportunities for the life of a coworking-peep. Working in this world as a solopreneur can be very lonely. And, let’s face the fact… working alone sucks. That’s why myBusinessBar exists – to be a place where people of all industries can come together to create, collaborate, and never have to work alone!

myBusinessBar offers coworking opportunities to anyone looking for a place to call their “office”. In our space you never have to think about overhead or about fighting the cat for control of the keyboard!

Imagine you are in meetings all over town. You have a couple of hours of downtime but working at home isn’t going to be productive. With a coworking monthly membership you can stop by myBusinessBar ANY TIME to get in those productive hours. For only $199 a month, we offer five semi-private dedicated desk spaces. Members have 24/7 access. There is on-site locker storage and access to wifi. We’re always stocked with coffee, tea and water. Never have to go to Kinko’s for copies. Oh, and free on-site parking. Plus, you get a business address and we can handle all your mail.

It is never a dull moment at myBusinessBar. It is a great place to meet new people, develop partnerships, expand your reach, and to have a support system. Not to mention the occasional shout out, “Hey, there are brownies – want one?” We know the power of chocolate!

So what are you waiting for? Why not treat yourself to something cool, trendy, affordable and absolutely fun in 2017 – a coworking opportunity!

“Coworking hinges on the belief that innovation and inspiration come from cross pollination of different people in different fields or specializations.  Random opportunities and discoveries that arise from interactions with others – also dubbed ‘accelerated serendipity’ – play a large role in coworking.”  from Working in the UnOffice from Night Owls Press 

We invite you to learn more about coworking space at myBusinessBar.

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