Answering Machine Out. Phone Service In!

Please tell us you are not still using an answering machine. If you are… two words for you: phone service. We’ll try to refrain from asking what’s wrong with you, but really, what’s wrong with you? People want to hear a live voice when they call for your product or service. And in this day in age with mass automation, actually having a live person pick up the phone is refreshing and a great first impression.

An article posted on addressed the very question of whether or not answering machines were still being used today. We love what the writer, Paul McNamara, said about himself:

“This morning I mentioned my telephone answering machine in passing and a colleague reacted as though I had just confessed to still having an 8-track in my car.

“You must be the last person on the planet to still be using one,” he said dismissively.

In fact, I am not. It took me all of two attempts to find another colleague who also still has an honest-to-goodness physical answering machine.”

He later wraps up the article with:

“Why do I still have an answering machine, especially given that I’ll go days without checking it and even longer without it recording a message? Primarily because it’s been there for many years ago and I’d never given removing it a moment of thought before being ridiculed about having it this morning. But also because it is tied to a landline to which I cling for a variety of reasons.

No, it is not connected to a rotary phone.”

Read the full article here.

So, answering machines are still be around. But are they the best way to greet your customers? We strongly recommend tossing it out your answering machine (and even your voicemail) and let us get you set up with our phone service. We offer call screening, message taking, call forwarding, and can provide either local or national numbers as you need. Never miss a call – perhaps a very profitable call – again!

myBusinessBar looks forward to hearing from you today. Give us a call at 801.713.3500 to discuss how we can take your messages from machine to live person!

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