Host Your Team Off-Site for a Morale Boost

If you are looking to motivate and inspire your employees, might we suggest hosting your next team meeting off-site? Better yet, host the meeting at myBusinessBar! In an article written by Laura Neiser for, she shares some compelling reasons for why getting out of the office is the best move you can make for you and your team.

Motivation and productivity are two of most important elements to have in an office environment. Employees want to be able to feed off of others, grow, and inspire. In order to maintain a productive working community, energy cannot fall stagnant and become stale–there needs to be constant collaboration and progression in order to move forward with innovative concepts.


One great and newly popular way to motivate your team of individuals is to effectively manage offsite meetings. Separate from the daily grind and distractions by hosting work meetings offsite at spaces like WorkLab by Custer.


Here are 5 reasons why you should host your next office meeting offsite:


1. They can boost morale. Often times, offsite meetings also include some sort of fun and entertaining team building exercise. There’s no doubt that experiencing a new location is exciting for employees. Offsite locations that are in a hip, urban setting can also be great for after-work happy hours.


2. They give fresh perspective. A change in office atmosphere can make a huge difference when brainstorming new ideas. Being in the same office every day at the same times can easily make your brain stale. A new place can refresh your mind as well as your ideas.


3. They increase productivity. When employees are offsite, they are freed from the everyday distractions that may occur in their usual office environment. While in a new location, they can devote their time to the current tasks and focus on presentations.


4. They include new technology. Most offsite workplaces can offer different and newer technology than what you may have in your own conference room. This allows you to be creative with presentations and get your point across more effectively.


5. They inspire creativity. Chances are your employees are used to meeting in the same room at the same time every single week. Going offsite is important to consider when you are coming up with strategic plans and encouraging brainstorming sessions. Being in a new place allows employees to break out of their typical environment and generate creative ideas.


If you haven’t already tried hosting an offsite meeting, consider all of these factors. There is a common misconception that having your meetings onsite is more cost-effective, but when you look at the benefits of hosting elsewhere, it can be completely worthwhile.

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