Meeting Rooms Just Got Better with our Two-Fer! 

Professional meeting rooms and flexible office space are important signatures for any business. At myBusinessBar, we understand access to a variety of meeting spaces is crucial for those last-minute client meetings. We also know how important the location and host is for a business meeting.

Clients are sensitive and judgmental in regards to interior design, the format of meeting rooms, and overall atmosphere. One wrong turn and the image of your business can be forever damaged. So instead of meeting your clients at the noisy deli or coffee shop, confide in us and let us take care of every single aspect and detail.

For the summer, myBusinessBar is offering a deal on meeting room space. When you book a room at full price, you get a second meeting (same room, the same duration of time) for FREE! This is ideal for companies and small businesses looking to host training meetings before the fall season.

We look forward to hosting your next meeting. You can book space online or call 801.713.3500.

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