Eight Things to do Every Day for Continued Success

By Kris Rudarmel, Anchor Water Damage & Restoration, a myBusinessBar Preferred Vendor

#1 | Focus on Integrity: Since our inception, we have based our company on having solid integrity. Integrity is the concluding choice whether we will progress or dive. When rigid integrity is our model, progress is legit. Temptations abound in our business world as they do in our personal lives. No matter how tangled a choice shows up on the outside, when exposed down to the foundation it is usually no sweat: Only do what is right, not what is most tempting. Keep your word to yourself and others. Follow through on your commitments. Be an example for your team. Our employees have witnessed overpayment by clients and insurance companies several times; they also witnessed the payback of funds, every single time (every single time this happened is when we had run out of cash flow and could’ve shut the doors).

#2 | Practicing Persistence: This is close to being the single most common quality of Top Performers. They refuse to give up. For five years, every two months, I emailed a third party company I was marketing to. Our company was finally accepted because of my persistence.

#3 | Whatever You Are Be a Good One: BE that One person who tries to make the world a better, happier place. Make eye contact and smile, give hugs, shake hands and learn about your clients’ lives and their families. Make someone’s day better. Love others. Kindness Matters.

#4 | Give Tons of Value: Figure out ways to offer a lot of value in your company. Also, price yourself on what you are worth. Do not play the low price game. We are a boutique style high-end carpet cleaning company and worth every penny. You can be worth every penny also.

#5 | Networking: I’ve built our company by networking. People need to know, like and trust you before they’ll do business with you. Some networking groups can absorb your time while distracting you from your big things. Be selective.

#6 | Show Appreciation: If we all appreciate the unique qualities and values of others, we can create a ripple effect of appreciation and love.  How amazing will that be?! A simple act of honest appreciation can go a long way. We would not be in business without our clients. After we complete a job, each client of ours receives a handmade thank you card. Make the decision right now – choose two people in your life and mail them a thank you card (the Dollar store has an eight-pack for $1). What You Appreciate Appreciates.

#7 | Be of Service: Volunteer your time. Volunteering increases overall satisfaction and helps you feel amazing about yourself and others. It can also help to decreases stress and ease depression.

#8 | Compete Only With YourselfIf you’re not the top dog, the scene from the rear won’t change. To excel, you want to be mindful of others in your industry, but don’t let that perception divert you. Contend with your own greatest work. It is the only way!

I co-own Anchor Water Damage & Restoration along with my husband/partner, Frank. We have been married 34 years and worked together 24 of them. I currently oversee the Sales and Marketing department of our company. In the beginning, we bootstrapped our way in building our amazing enterprise. It’s been so much work and also so rewarding.

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