Virtual Receptionist

Virtual Receptionist

Nothing says you’re prepared to do business like a real live professional receptionist to answer your company phone.  Let us help make that important first impression! The voice behind your business is just as important as the business itself. Let your customers know their call is important! Give your customers the professional experience they deserve AND NEVER MISS A CALL AGAIN.

Call Screening

Pick which calls you want to take when your personalized receptionist notifies you of the caller on the line.

Message Taking

Our professional receptionists are trained to answer your calls throughout the day and take messages as directed by you.

Call Forwarding

We have a host of call forwarding options with technology that makes it easier for you to be where you want and to take calls when it is convenient for you.

Local and National Phone Numbers

Assign your business a phone number in any location across the U.S. Pick from any area code or add a toll free number so customers know you mean business.
New business special summer offer
  • Additional eFAX, extensions, business phone numbers, conference bridge numbers, and toll free numbers available.
  • One-Time Set-Up Fees Apply
  • Mail Handling Services can be added to any Plan for $59/month.
  • Meeting Rooms packages can be added to any Plan.

**Final Pricing will be determined by total contracted services with myBusinessBar.

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