Once You Go VIRTUAL, You’ll Never Go Back! 

VIRTUAL OFFICE services at myBusinessBar give you the big business look and feel without paying for space you don’t need. It is the perfect solution to opening and running your business with minimal overhead costs. A Virtual Office appeals to businesses of any size. It’s great for a small business that wishes to enhance its image. Perfect for a medium size firm looking to take advantage of our business support services. Even large firms looking to enter a new market with minimal risk can benefit from going virtual.

VIRTUAL RECEPTIONIST… nothing says you’re prepared to do business like a real live professional receptionist to answer your company phone.  No matter if you are busy, or sitting around waiting for the phone to ring, let us make that important first impression! The voice behind your business is just as important as the business itself. Even if you are too busy to take a call at the moment make sure you have a real receptionist to cheerfully let your customers know their call is important! Give your customers the professional experience they deserve AND NEVER MISS A CALL AGAIN.


To help further explore the beauty of going VIRTUAL, here are some key things to consider:

V is for Virtual Reality. The Reality is YES you can work VIRTUALLY anywhere with support services at myBusinessBar.

I is for Independence. Work independently when you want and how you want. Let someone else weed through the junk mail and phone calls so you can be efficient.

is for Reachable. Show your customers and clients that you are reachable and responsive! Never miss an important call again and have a location for client drop off or pick up!

T is for Time. The common denominator with all of us is time. How will you maximize yours so that you can work ON your business and not IN it?

is for Understand. We understand that outsourcing means giving up control, but we have you covered! After more than 10 years in the industry, we know the importance of that great first impression. We promise we won’t let you down.

is for A Network of business center locations that Members can access for on-demand work, meeting, and virtual office space.

is for is for Like-Minded professionals! Working alone sucks. Increase your productivity and come cowork with us and grow your network.

More Reasons to Go VIRTUAL

And if going VIRTUAL once wasn’t enough, we found seven more reasons for you to consider:

V is for Vital. The Vitality of your business depends on being FOUND.  Having a real physical address shows your customers that you are stable and worth doing business with!

I is for Invest in yourself and your business! Virtual office support allows you to tap into a network of services. YES, you do deserve that professional image and location!

is for Receptionist.  Missing calls means missing business. Do you hate screening your own calls? Let us play gatekeeper for you so you can focus on the important parts of your day.

T is for Teamwork. We are your Virtual Team! Outsource mail handling, phone answering, or admin assistance. Only pay for the services when and how you need them.

U is for Upside. What would you do with more time? More business? More efficiency? A Virtual Office provides the upside to outsourcing.

A is for Absorb the cost. Let us worry about stocking the printer ink and toilet paper; you focus on growing your sales and customer relationships!

L is for Labor. Why deal with the headaches that come with HR? We are your full-time receptionist and administrative assistant. Phones answered and package notification without the payroll costs.

To take advantage of our virtual services, sign up online today at https://my-business-bar.spheremail.co/voffice/get_voffice.

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